Give your room a designer touch on a budget?

Let’s talk about Art which should be a passionate collectible item, each selection should evoke an immediate emotion when you find just the right piece.  There are different price points of course in which each of us can afford however I encourage each of you to collect pieces that are original.  A great place to start is with The Friday Paper  Bobby Beals is an innovative art dealer that wants to bring affordable art to the people click on the link above. 

The second Design trick is plants they add a dimension and warmth to any room in your home.  Go down to your local farmers market and pick up a bundle of the latest in season flowers.  If you prefer a low maintenance plant your in luck, succulents are just the perfect plant a beautiful structured look with minimal watering you cannot go wrong.  Lastly there are those of us who are so busy and watering a plant results in a dried up twig my solution is a great artificial plants.  As shown above  they cool look just as vibrant and realistic as the real thing this particular one is available in my showroom in the El Dorado Hotel.   They will also be sold on once we launch in the next few weeks.  In the meantime feel free to call me with any questions at 505.795.0054 

Have fun collection and shopping for your favorite flowers!


Erica Ortiz

Principal at NeuBleu Interior Design